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Journal of Depression and Anxiety
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Depression is a category of low mood and aversion to activity. It may be a normal reaction to occurring life events or circumstances, a symptom of biological, psychological, social sources of distress and medical condition, a side effect of drugs or medical treatments, or a symptom of certain psychiatric syndromes, like the mood disorders major depressive disorder and dysthymia. Depression in childhood and adolescence is related to adult major depressive disorder, although young sufferers may exhibit increased irritability or aggressive and self-destructive behavior, rather than the all-encompassing sadness associated with adult forms of depression. Children who are under stress, experience loss, or have attention, learning, behavioral, or anxiety disorders are at a higher risk for depression. Childhood depression is often comorbid with mental disorders outside of other mood disorders most common anxiety disorder and conduct disorder. Depression also tends to run in families. In a 2016 Cochrane review cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), third-wave CBT and interpersonal therapy demonstrated small positive benefits in the prevention of depression Psychologists have developed different treatments to assist children and adolescents suffering from depression though the legitimacy of the diagnosis of childhood depression as a psychiatric disorder as well as the efficacy of various methods of assessment and treatment remains controversial.

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