Journal of Depression and Anxiety

Journal of Depression and Anxiety
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Mindfullness Based Therapy

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is a psychological therapy designed to aid in preventing the relapse of depression, specifically in individuals with Major depressive disorder (MDD). It uses traditional Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methods and adds in newer psychological strategies such as mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. 

Mindfulness includes paying consideration to each event experienced in the present moment inside of our body and mind, with a non-judgmental, non-reactive and accepting attitude. The way we think influences our emotions/feelings and behavior and CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helps people with such conditions as anxiety and depression change the content of unhelpful musings and maladaptive ways of adapting, such as avoidance or addictive behavior. MiCBT is a four-stage therapeutic approach which integrates mindfulness and some of the basic principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in order to help people improve the way they feel and change unhelpful behaviors. However, MiCBT helps people make changes in an alternative way to CBT.

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