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Bipolar Disorder: Open Access
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Adult Bipolar Disorder Clinical Psychopharmacology

 Within the past two decades, an increasing number of compounds from different classes significantly increased the pharmacological options clinicians can use in the treatment of Bipolar Disorders. Among others, atypical antipsychotics offered more therapeutic opportunities. Nonetheless, with the notable exception of lithium, both the second generation antipsychotic drugs and the alternative classes of compounds routinely prescribed for the treatment of Bipolar Disorders still fail to fully address the needs of the patients and their prescribing physicians. Or, as in the case of the cornerstone in the pharmacological treatment of Bipolar Disorder (namely “lithium”), long-term tolerability still represents an issue most pharmacological drugs still carry. The Journal of Bipolar Disorders: Open Access also places particular emphasis towards the pharmacological (as well the non-pharmacological) treatment of Bipolar Disorder, thus welcoming submission on the matter.

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