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Simge Aktop

Simge Aktop


  • Review Article
    Biosensors: A Novel Approach to Detect Food-borne Pathogens.
    Author(s): Esra Sentürk, Simge Aktop, Pınar Sanlibaba and Basar Uymaz TezelEsra Sentürk, Simge Aktop, Pınar Sanlibaba and Basar Uymaz Tezel

    Foodborne pathogens affect human health negatively and are known to cause economic losses. Therefore, quick detection of foodborne pathogens and the implementation of measures to ensure their inactivation are of immense significance. Immunological, molecular, and cultural methods are frequently used in the detection of foodborne pathogens. High cost, prolonged analysis times, and the necessity of specialized personnel are some of the disadvantages of these methods. Biosensors are known as analytical devices. The use of biosensors is considered a new approach to quickly detect foodborne pathogens and their toxins. Biosensors, which are capable of converting biological, chemical, or biochemical signals into measurable electrical signals, are systems containing a biological detection material combined with a chemical or physical transducer. Different types of biosensor are being employed.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2471-9315.1000151

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