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Journal of Drug Metabolism & Toxicology
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Shibiru Tesema

Shibiru Tesema


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    The Role of Biotransformation in Drug Discovery and Development
    Author(s): Selamu Kebamo, Shibiru Tesema and Bekesho GeletaSelamu Kebamo, Shibiru Tesema and Bekesho Geleta

    Biotransformation is a process by which organic compounds are transformed from one form to another, aided by organisms such as bacteria, fungi and enzymes. It plays a major role and determines the fate of the prospective drugs. Biotransformation must take place only after the drugs reach their specific target site and produce the desired effects. In addition, the nature of the metabolites produced from the drug, must be thoroughly studied; otherwise, the drugs would be rejected during the screening process. Hence, drug metabolism is a major criterion in the highthroughput screening of prospective drugs. Biotransformation has an important role in the determination of the pharmacokinetic parameters like oral bioavailability, drug-drug interaction, clearance and the half-life of the entity within the cell. It is very essential in the toxicity studies too. Biotransformation is used as a v.. View More»

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