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Sabry M Abd-El-Fattah

Sabry M Abd-El-Fattah
Department of Educational Psychology, Faulty of Education,
Minia City, Minia Governorate

  • Research Article
    A Validation Study of the Control-Value Theory within the Domain of Mathematics at High School: A Latent Profile Analysis
    Author(s): Sabry M Abd-El-FattahSabry M Abd-El-Fattah

    The present study aimed at validating the control-value theory within the domain of mathematics at high school level. It adopts a person-centered approach to explore whether high school students can be grouped into different achievement emotions profiles within the domain of mathematics and whether these profiles differ in mathematics achievement and mathematics tracking. The sample of the study included 355 high school students (185 males and 170 females) in Egypt. Students responded to the Learning-Related Emotions Scales- Mathematics-Arabic version (LRES-M-AR) in addition to a question concerning their intention to pursue a mathematics track at high school. A latent profile analysis showed three different achievement emotions profiles within the domain of mathematics: positive emotions, negative emotions, and positive emotions with high boredom. Students belong to the positive emot.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0487.1000348

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