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Romdhane Ben Slama

Romdhane Ben Slama
ISSAT of Gabes,

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    Analysis of Solar Still Combined with Heat Pump
    Author(s): Romdhane Ben SlamaRomdhane Ben Slama

    This work concerns a second prototype of solar still combined with a heat pump HP. It is characterized by having separated by a partition, the steam generator compartment of the HP from the compartment evaporator (where the condensate is collected). The results of the test measures concern three configurations with HP according to whether the distiller is fixed to the south or constantly oriented to the sun and it is placed outside (in the sun) or inside (no sun). The measurements concerning the water temperatures at the condenser, the wet and ambient air, and the relative humidity. The distillate flow rate is also measured and the energy efficiency and the COP of the HP are evaluated. When the effects of the sun and HP combine to heat the water and then distilling it, we see that the sun contributes to 2/3 due to the HP and the remaining 1/3. In the sun, the heating and therefore the.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7544.1000170

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