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Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis
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Upcoming Special Issue

Purpose: To publish the most exciting research with respect to the subjects of Journal of Thermodynamics and Catalysis and to provide a rapid turn-around time regarding reviewing and publishing, and to disseminate the articles freely for research, teaching and reference purposes.

Special Issue Topics

Special issue entitled: World Congress on Chemistry & Chemical Technologies

Special issue entitled: World Summit on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Special issue entitled: International Conference on Advanced Pharmacy and Clinical Research

Special issue entitled: 4th International Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Special issue entitled: 7th International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining

Special issue entitled: 6th International Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Special issue entitled: Chemistry Education Research and Practise

Special issue entitled: "Thermodynamics and Sustainable Development" (Released)

Special issue entitled: "Modern Trends in Medicinal Chemistry" (Released)

Special issue entitled: "New Insights in Green Chemistry" (Released)

Special issue entitled: "Thermodynamics Properties" (Released)

Special issue entitled: Reaction Kinetics

  • K. K. Pant
    Indian Institute of Technology
    Chemical engineering department

Special issue entitled: Thermodynamics of ligand-protein interactions

  • Hugo R. Arias
    Professor of Pharmacology and Biochemistry
    Department of Medical Education
    College of Medicine
    California Northstate University
    Tel. 916-686-7300

Special issue entitled: Thermodynamics using Molecular Theory or Modelling

  • Serkan Caliskan
    Department of Physics
    Fatih University

Special issue entitled: Thermodynamics of Protein Crystallization

  • Jan Sedzik
    Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology
    Royal Institute of Technology
    KTH, 100 44, Stockholm

Special issue entitled: Biochemical Thermodynamics

  • Guangyan Zhou
    Department of Basic Science
    Touro University
    Tel: 707-638-5492

Special issue entitled: Catalysts

  • Dong Jin Ham (Ph. D)
    Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)
    South Korea
    Tel: +82-+31-8061-1285

Special issue entitled: Thermodynamics and catalysis in the synthesis of nanomaterials and nanostructures

  • Alex Vasenkov
    Chief Technology Officer
    Multi Scale Solutions
    Russian Academy of Science
    Tel: 859-554-0405

Submission Process

Submit Special Issue articles online through manuscript submission, review and editorial tracking system for quality and quick review processing at Online Submission System or send as an e-mail attachment to the editorial office at

  1. In case of online submission, please select "Special Issue Article" from the dropdown list.
  2. In case of e-mail, please specify the title of the special issue in the subject and in the cover letter of the submission.

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