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Rodriguez HG

  • Special Issue Article
    Trees and Shrubs with High Carbon Fixation/Concentration
    Author(s): Maiti R, Rodriguez HG and Kumari Ch AMaiti R, Rodriguez HG and Kumari Ch A

    The carbon fixation / carbon concentration estimated in certain trees and shrubs indicated that there are certain tree species with high ability to fix atmospheric carbondioxide into their biomass. The trees and shrubs selected with high carbon concentration were Eugenia caryophyllata 51.66%, Litsea glauscensens 51.34 %, Rhus virens 50.35%, Forestiera angustifolia 49.47%, Gochantia hypoleuca 49.86%, Forestiera angustifolia 49.47%, Pinus arizonica 49.32%, Cinnamomum verum 49.34%, Bumelia celastrina 49.25%, Tecoma stans 48.79%, Acacia rigidula 48.23%, Eryobotria japonica 47.98 %, Rosamarinus officinalis 47.77%. Few of these species may be selected for plantation in highly carbon dioxide polluted areas in cities, road sides and factory areas with high emisssion of carbon dioxide. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9776.S1-003

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