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Raeba Mathew

Raeba Mathew
Canadian Specialist Hospital,
United Arab Emirates

  • Research Article
    Surgical Outcome of Blowout Fractures of Floor of Orbit: A Case Series of 5 Patients
    Author(s): Raeba Mathew and Yarub Kahlan Al ShammaryRaeba Mathew and Yarub Kahlan Al Shammary

    Purpose: To report the surgical outcome of traumatic blow out fractures of the floor of the orbit. Materials and methods: Five patients who sustained orbital floor blowout fracture following trauma underwent surgical repair via trans-conjunctival or subciliary approaches. One patient had sustained bilateral blowout fracture. Three patients presented with symptoms early following the fracture with enophthalmos, entrapment of inferior rectus muscle or orbital fat, whereas two presented after a month with features of oculo-cardiac reflex. Results: All patients underwent orbital floor repair with Titanium mesh with or without screws and orbital plate. Post-operative surgical results were excellent with restoration of orbital floor and release of orbital fat and/or muscle and repositioning of the globe. Three patients develop.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9570.1000518

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