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Journal of Drug Metabolism & Toxicology
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Pandiyan Shanmugan

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    Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery Systems
    Author(s): Pandiyan Shanmugan and Ramu BandameediPandiyan Shanmugan and Ramu Bandameedi

    Recent advances in chronotherapeutics led to the development of pulsatile drug delivery systems which effectively delivered the drug at specified time. Diseases like asthma, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, ulcer, hypercholesterolemia, congestive heart failure, stroke etc. show different day night pattern in onset and symptoms exacerbation. Pulsatile drug delivery systems deliver the drug at right time in desired levels providing the multiple benefits over the conventional dosage forms. According to the circadian rhythms of the body drug is facilitated to completely release after a lag time especially for drugs eliciting higher first pass effect and where nocturnal dosing is required these systems are highly beneficial. This review epitomizes the special focus on chronotherapeutics, various approaches in chronotherapeutic drug delivery and applications... View More»

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