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Journal of Drug Metabolism & Toxicology
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Mishra S

Mishra S
R.D. University,
Jabalpur (M.P.)-482001

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    In Vitro Assessment of Genotoxicity of Some Ayurvedic Drugs in Human Lymphocytes by Using Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis
    Author(s): Mishra RP and Mishra SMishra RP and Mishra S

    Herbal preparations of ayurvedic origin may contain heavy metals in traces. Very little information is available on genotoxicity or mutagenicity of these ayurvedic preparations. Considering the recent controversy over the risk of toxic heavy metals in ayurvedic preparations, present study was carried out to assess the genotoxic effect of Diabecon and Mahalaxmivilas Ras. The concentration (dissolving 0.5 gm, 0.7 gm, 0.8 gm, 1.0 gm and 1.5 gm of the particular drug in double distilled water in order to make a final volume of 100 ml) was administered in vitro in human lymphocytes. Peripheral blood lymphocytes samples were collected through the centrifugation of blood. Comet assay were employed to study the endpoint of single/double-strand DNA breaks. The longer tail length observed was 54.6 � 9.1 ?m which was at 0.8% concentration of Diabecon and the tail lengths of Mahalaxmivilas Ras were .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7609.1000139

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