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    A Study to Compare Single Piece IOL (SN60WF) Vs. Multipiece IOL (MA30AC) in Accommodation Using Cycloplegic Auto Refraction
    Author(s): Ming ChenMing Chen

    Purpose: This study intend to determine which Acrysoft monofocal IOL between single-piece (SN60WF) and multipiece (MA30AC) is better in terms of accommodation and refractive stability using an objective techniques (Autorefractor) after 1% Tropicamide eye drops to relax ciliary muscle [1]. The better ability of accommodation in monofocal standard IOL will be better to apply to minimonovision (blended monovision) formula for presbyopia correction. Method: This is a prospective randomized control study of 42 eyes implanted with SN60WF versus 43 eyes of MA30AC by a single surgeon. Both groups were Male 45%, female 55% and the same mean age of 76 years old. The mean post-op was 30 weeks. The refraction was done by Zeiss Autorefractor before cycloplegic drop (have instrument accommodation) and after cycloplegic drop (pharmacologically relax accommoda.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9570.1000111

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