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Melinda Garcia

Melinda Garcia
Department of Agriculture, Leadership, Education and Communication, 4-H Youth Development Specialist, Texas A&M University College Station,
3355 Cherry Ridge, Suite 212, San Antonio, Texas 78230
United States

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    Followers' Perspective Does Matter! (Follow up to You Have What? Personality! Traits that Predict Leadership Styles for Elementary Principals)
    Author(s): Melinda GarciaMelinda Garcia

    If a transformational leader seeks to grow and be effective and efficient, then, it would be wise to listen to follower’s perspective regarding the leader’s effectiveness and efficiency. How many times do followers have opportunities to evaluate their supervisor? Not often. Feedback is provided at least once a year via evaluations. A good follower will question areas of opportunities and work towards improving in areas of growth. A good follower makes a concerted effort to learn from the evaluation to grow professionally while others choose to take the feedback personally. In a school setting, the Principal runs the school and teachers are in charge in the classroom. Principals and vice principals observe the teachers at least twice a year. Imagine having teachers evaluate the principal? Better yet, imagine students’ evaluating teachers? What kind of results can we e.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0487.1000309

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