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Maheep Bhatnagar

Maheep Bhatnagar


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    Rehabilitation or Recovery Sleep: A Future Potential Therapeutic Target for Sleep Deprivation
    Author(s): Reena Chittora, Durgesh Sharma and Maheep BhatnagarReena Chittora, Durgesh Sharma and Maheep Bhatnagar

    Sleep is a period of relaxation and repair. During sleep, waste products of brain metabolism are removed. It plays central role in maintenance of physiological homeostasis and psychological balance. Sufficient sleep helps us think more clearly, complete complex tasks better and more consistently. One of the important function of sleep is to promote synaptic plasticity and neuronal recovery for proper brain functioning. Memory consolidation, brain growth and repair are other functions proposed for sleep. Problems related to sleep deprivation are being increased in today's modern society. Every day there seems to be twice as much work and half as much time to complete it, this results in a decrease in sleep or extended periods of wakefulness. Sleep deprived individuals may not have difficulty of verbal disturbances but research studies have shown that individuals have more difficulty in.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0277.1000289

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