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Laura Knaapi

Laura Knaapi


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    Detecting the Physiological Blind Spot with Reaction Time Perimeter
    Author(s): Laura Knaapi, Eija Vesti and Markku T LeinonenLaura Knaapi, Eija Vesti and Markku T Leinonen

    Objective: To study the ability of a novel reaction time perimeter to detect a physiological blind spot. Methods: The location of the physiological blind spot of 11 healthy volunteers was determined with two independent methods, first by Octopus custom-made blind spot visual field program, and second by Fundus photography with a method previously described by the authors. With reaction time perimeter saccade triggering stimuli (STS) were shown in predetermined locations of the visual field in order to initiate saccades. An STS was followed by an FO (fixation object) i.e., an arrow head pointing either to the right or left at the same location as the previously shown STS. The recognition of the FO was reported by pressing a correct button (right or left respectively) thus verifying accurate fixation by the fovea. Time intervals between button pr.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9570.1000493

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