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Journal of Drug Metabolism & Toxicology
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KG Lalitha

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    Toxicological Evaluation of Gum (Galactomannans) Isolated from Senna tora Seeds
    Author(s): Harshal A Pawar and KG LalithaHarshal A Pawar and KG Lalitha

    Seed gums possess excellent emulsifying, suspending, binding, thickening stabilizing and water-holding properties. Therefore they are used in various pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, syrups, suspensions, lotions, ointments and for sustained drug release systems. Gum derived from the seeds of Senna tora L. is common herbaceous annual occurring weed throughout the India. The present investigation reports preliminary phytochemical screening and toxicological evaluation of the isolated seed gum from the Senna tora. The acute toxicity study was carried out in adult albino rats by “fixed dose” method. The sub-acute toxicity study was carried out for 28 days in wistar albino rats. All the Animals used were observed for clinical signs, physical abnormalities, changes in body weight and pre-terminal deaths. Laboratory investigations such as hematology and clinical chemistr.. View More»

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