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Hung CL

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    High-Performance Computing on Very Large-Scale Biological Data
    Author(s): Hung CLHung CL

    In the past decade, due to the rapid growth of high-throughput instrumentations both of volume and complexity of biomedical data have been increasing dramatically. To process these big size data the high performance computing technologies become very important role. Recently, two interesting computing technologies, cloud computing and GPU computing, have been applied to solve very large-scale problem in bioinformatics. The paper by Hung, et al. entitled “Implementation of a Parallel Protein Structure Alignment Service on Cloud” proposed a protein structure alignment algorithm implemented by Hadoop to efficiently compare a interesting protein structure with a large database. Cloud-based bioinformatics applications can process data that are stored in many places. Therefore, they can make a significant breakthrough to achieve a high quality healthcare... Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0737.1000e117

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