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Huaxing Bi

Huaxing Bi
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  • Perspective Article
    Development of Root-Carving Industry Leads to Ecological and Environmental Degradation in China
    Author(s): Xiaoyan Wang, Weimin Xi, Niels Anten and Huaxing BiXiaoyan Wang, Weimin Xi, Niels Anten and Huaxing Bi

    Root-carving artwork is among the most highly appreciated traditional forms of art in China because of its ornamental and collection value. However, this ancient and highly appreciated art form is in fact currently a major cause of environmental damage. We argue that the state and local forestry administrations and related industry associations should develop more effective measures to better manage the root-carving industry and thus reduce environmental damage currently associated with it. This article presents some insights on this issue, including suggested improvements for supervision of the illegal excavation of tree roots in mountain areas; tracing the source of the root-carving artwork raw materials; formulating detailed regulations supervising root diggers; enforcing rules and regulations to market trading of root-carving raw materials and artworks and imposing heavy fines for.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9776.1000113

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