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Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy
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Hakki Onen S

Hakki Onen S

 Faculté de Médecine - Université Claude-Bernard Lyon1 - 8 avenue Rockefeller 69373 Lyon Cedex 08, France

 S.Hakki Onen MD, PhD is the Medical Director of the Geriatric Sleep Centre and senior lecturer at the University of Lyon, France. This is the world’s first comprehensive multidisciplinary Geriatric Sleep Centre devoted exclusively to older patient care, geriatric research and teaching built by Dr SH. Onen in 2000. Since 2013, the Geriatric Sleep Centre focuses its clinical expertise and research efforts on cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases as well as cognitive impairments related to sleep disorders in older adults in Edouard Herriot University Hospital. Dr.SH. Onen received his MD from the University of Lyon Medical School, and trained in geriatric medicine in Lyon, France. While beginning his specialisation in sleep medicine in Lyon in 1990’s, he had the opportunity to work at the University of Manitoba Sleep Clinic, Winnipeg, Canada, the Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute, USA and the PENN University Sleep Clinic, Philadelphia, USA. He earned his PhD in Neuropharmocology from the University of Clermont-Ferrand, and his HDR (Habilitation à Driger des Recherches) degree in Geriatrics from the University of Lyon, France. He together with Dr. Fannie Onen has created Geriatric Sleep Medicine as an academic certificate in both the University of Paris and the University of Lyon, France. Under their pioneering and investment in patient care, research, teaching and consecutive Aging and Sleep International Meetings, Geriatric Sleep Medicine has become a medical branch. Dr. SH. Onen has published in major peer-reviewed geriatric journals. He edited the first Sleep Medicine Dictionary (Dictionnaire de Médecine du Sommeil, Editions Ellipses, Paris) in French, later translated to Spanish and Italian. He first found relationship between slow wave sleep rebound and analgesia, sleep apnea treatment and increased pain tolerance, as well as injured falls and sleep apnea in older adults. He was one of first authors underlying close relationships between sleep related breathing disorders and open angle primary glaucoma in older adults. His main research interests are sleepdisordered breathing and cardio-vascular disease in old age, longevity and sleep, sleep and cognitive disorders in old age, ethics in geriatric sleep medicine and interactions between pain and sleep. Dr. SH Onen is also interested on senior friendly design and technologies (sleep recording tools, CPAP machines, masks, road safety, car industry and accident prevention)
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