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Giovanni Mansueto

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    Parasomnias and Childhood Adversity in an Adult Psychiatric Population
    Author(s): Giovanni Mansueto, Sara Palmieri and Carlo FaravelliGiovanni Mansueto, Sara Palmieri and Carlo Faravelli

    Background: A wide evidence suggest that sleep disorders and psychopathology could be related each other, as well as, that childhood adversities (CAs) may be associated with both. However, the relationship between CA and sleep disorders in psychiatric patients is still unclear. This study aims to explore the hypothesis that CA could be associated with sleep impairments in a sample of psychiatric patients. Method: 351 psychiatric patients and 177 controls draw from the general population were recruited. Sleep symptoms were assessed by FPI. CAs were evaluated by FPI and CECA-Q. Chi-square, Fisher’s test, Odds Ratios, Binary Logistic Regression were performed. Results: Patients with childhood sexual abuse (CSA) showed higher rate of nightmares, bruxism, somnambulism and pavor nocturns than those without CSA. Cases w.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0277.1000249

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