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Gebretsadik W

Gebretsadik W
Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute, Research Institute in Addis Ababa,

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    Assessing the Role of Quality Thresholds on Early Performance of Tree Seedlings Planted on Degraded Highlands
    Author(s): Gebretsadik WGebretsadik W

    The present study highlights the effect of seedling quality on the resultant early performance of our planted tree seedlings. Four priority species tree seedlings: Cordia africana, Casuarina equisetifolia, Cupressus lusitania and Grevillia robusta were raised in the nursery using recommended substrate mixes of ratio (3% top soil: 2% manure: 1% sand). Seedlings were then sorted in to sturdiness quotient classes: quotient class one (I) comprising height to collar diameter ratio less than 6 and quotient class two (II) height to collar diameter ratio greater than 6 to compare early growth and survival among species and evaluate the significance of correlations between quotient categories and tree growth parameters on the degraded highlands of Yerer, Ethiopia. Two factor RCBD with three replications was used as an experimental design to handle eight factor combinations that resulted from four.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9776.1000219

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