Journal of Leukemia

Journal of Leukemia
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ISSN: 2329-6917

Gaza F Salih

Gaza F Salih

Department of Biology, University of Sulaimani

Gaza F Salih is a well-known researcher working in Department of Biology, University of Sulaimani and has extended valuable service for many years and has been a recipient of many awards and grants.  
Research Interest

 The most causative agents of chronic human diseases are viruses e.g. HIV, HCV, HBV, HCMV, etc. And the most powerful methods for characterization and identification of them is molecular biology techniques. He and his post graduated students are interested in characterization and genotyping of these viruses in our region in order to clarify the clinical usefulness for better treatment of the patients. Their attempts have given promising results which can contribute to the work of other researcher world wide.

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