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Journal h-index 11
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Important citations (462)

Intestinal microbiota: a new force in cancer immunotherapy

The clonal evolution of breast cancer: current perspectives of a long-standing theory (literature review)

Comparing survival and treatment response of patients with acquired t790m mutation second-line osimertinib versus sequential treatment of chemotherapy followed by osimertinib: a real-world study

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Rapid processing and drug evaluation in glioblastoma patient-derived organoid models with 4d bioprinted arrays

Chimeric antigen receptor t cells in solid tumors: a war against the tumor microenvironment

Precision medicine for human complex diseases through integrative analysis of novel epigenetic modifications

Different survival benefit of osimertinib in different sequences: a real?world outcome of osimertinib treatment in pretreated t790m-positive advanced nsclc in taiwan

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Proton-sensing g protein-coupled receptors: detectors of tumor acidosis and candidate drug targets

Is microchimerism a sign of imminent disease recurrence after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation? a systematic review of the literature

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Hemoblastosis mortality in the republic of moldova during the years 2012-2017

Hemoblastosis mortality in the republic of moldova during the years 2012-2017

Clinicopathological features of cutaneous lymphomas and t-cell receptor gamma gene rearrangement studies in early stage mycosis fungoides

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