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  • Short Communication
    Barriers in Decoding the Complexity of Zeolite Formation
    Author(s): Erich HumsErich Hums

    In the context of quantum chemical programs conductor-like screening models have become popular to describe long range electrostatic interactions between solutes and solvent which is also affecting the theory formation of synthesis of zeolites. But if synthesis parameters are taken into account, nucleation of zeolites gives rise to a restriction explaining the synthesis process in detail by modeling. This is supported by the fact that processes in front of crystallization are to a large extent depending on intermediates which are competing and mostly are directed by pH-values. It should provide clues as to whether the correlation between dependant and independent variables on the synthesis process is of monocausal order or superimposed by parameters. Seen from that point of view it is striking to handle the process of zeolitization strictly in monocausal order as exemplarily shown by .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7544.1000190

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