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Camilo Fernandez-Salvador

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    Prion Proteins and Sleep Disturbances
    Author(s): Edward T Chang, Camilo Fernandez-Salvador, Justin M Wei and Macario CamachoEdward T Chang, Camilo Fernandez-Salvador, Justin M Wei and Macario Camacho

    Prions normally exist as cellular membrane proteins. In humans, 209 amino acids with one disulfide bond form a primarily alpha-helical prion protein structure with a molecular mass of 35 to 36 kDa. The specific role and function of the prion protein elude research efforts and remains a controversial topic. Misfolding of the native prion protein leads to a protein structure with increased proportion of alpha-helices to beta-sheets. Advancing our understanding of the role of the prion protein as it relates to sleep and sleep disturbances presents an appealing avenue into diagnosing and more effectively treating a devastating and debilitating disease. New research into multiple system atrophy further validates evidence of a direct association between the prion protein and sleep. This reinforces previous observations regarding changes in sleep patterns noted with patients affected by Creu.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0277.1000e139

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