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Asaduzzaman MD

Asaduzzaman MD


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    Evaluation of Purple Coloured Eggplant Lines in Winter
    Author(s): Quamruzzaman AKM, Islam F, Asaduzzaman MD, Al-Mamun MH and Nazimuddin MQuamruzzaman AKM, Islam F, Asaduzzaman MD, Al-Mamun MH and Nazimuddin M

    A study on the performance of thirteen eggplant lines/variety was conducted at the experimental farm of Olericulture Division, HRC, BARI, Gazipur, Bangladesh during the winter season of 20014-15. The line SM083-2 took a minimum of 97.3 days to first harvest. BARI Begun 10 produced the longest fruit (30.5 cm), while SM083-2 produced maximum diameter fruit (6.43 cm). The line SM058C produced the highest marketable fruit number per plant (25.2), and the lowest (13.58) was produced by SM 203. While the SM203 produced the heaviest fruit (218.5 g). The line SM232 produced significantly the highest yield (49.06 t/ha) closely followed by SM181 (45.78 t/ha), SM203 (39.54 t/ha), SM253 (36.14 t/ha). Minimum infestation by eggplant fruit and shoot borer was observed in SM269A (9.91%) followed by SM83-2 (10.54%). The results of the present study revealed that the lines SM0232, SM181, SM203, SM075,.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2376-0354.1000165

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