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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Subjective and Objective Effects of Natvia and Whey-Low Sugar Substitutes on a Frozen Hot Chocolate Beverage

Kelly Nemec and Julie Schumacher

The substitution of sugar substitute ingredients in a frozen hot chocolate beverage experiment measured the taste, mouth feel, overall acceptability, hardness, melting time, and nutrient content of three variations of frozen hot chocolate recipes. One recipe was the control recipe, the second recipe utilized the sugar substitute called Natvia instead of white granulated sugar and brown sugar, and the third recipe contained the sugar substitute Whey-Low instead of white granulated sugar and brown sugar. The sensory testing of each variation measured the taste, mouth feel, and acceptability with a convenience panel of 30 non-trained college students. The objective testing measured the hardness and melting time of each variation. The nutrients analysis of each variation analyzed the total calories, total fat, protein, and sugar. Participants rated the Nativa variation significantly lower in taste, mouth feel, and overall acceptability. The Control measured the hardest and had the longest melting time. Whey-Low received the highest ratings for overall acceptability and mouth feel. The nutrient analysis verified the low sugar values for the Natvia and Whey-Low variations. The results from the study revealed sensory, objective, and nutritive evaluations on a control frozen hot chocolate beverage recipe and two variations using Natvia and Whey-Low as sugar substitutes