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Quercetin Glycosides Improve Motor Performance and Muscle Weight in Adult Mice

Noriyuki Kanzaki, Daisuke Takemoto, Yoshiko Ono, Takayuki Izumo, Hiroshi Shibata, Xin Ye, Donald K Ingram* and Jianping Ye

Male C57BL/6J (B6) mice aged 24 weeks were provided two concentrations (1.5 or 3.0 g/L) of quercetin glycosides (QG) in drinking water over the subsequent 24 weeks. The objective was to determine if QG could improve motor function during early stages of aging. No sustained significant differences in body composition or food intake were noted to confirm the safety of QG treatment. Treated mice had significantly improved performance in grip strength and rotarod tests but not in treadmill performance. The functional benefits were reflected in muscle morphology with increased wet weights of a selected group of muscles (quadratus femoris, gastrocnemius, tibialis anterior, and soleus) in treated mice. Thus, it would appear that long-term oral treatment with QG can safely and effectively improve selected elements of motor performance and increase muscle mass during the early stages of aging.

Published Date: 2019-06-04; Received Date: 2019-04-29