Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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ISSN: 2155-9600


Proximate and Major Mineral Composition of 23 Medium Sized Marine Fin Fishes Landed in the Thoothukudi Coast of India

Palani kumar M, Ruba Annathai A, Jeya Shakila R and Shanmugam SA

Twenty three marine fin fishes landed in Thoothukudi Coast of India were examined for their proximate and major mineral composition to determine their nutrition value. The average moisture content ranged from 67.23 to 80.48%. Majority of fishes (69%) had the average protein contents between 15 to 20%. Coral reef fishes of the genera, Lutjanus, Nemipterus and Scolopsis had high protein content (>21%).The fat content varied widely from 0.24 to 14.72%, with Leiognathus dussumieri being the most fatty fish (14.72 %). The average ash contents of most of 87% of fishes were < 2% and two species, Nemipterus japonicus and Epinephelus areolatus had high values of 3.92% and 3.79%, respectively. Most of fishes are rich source of phosphorus. A Species of Lutjanus and Epinephelus had high iron and calcium contents. The total energy value seemed too high for Leiognathus dussumieri (174 kcal) and Dussumieri acuta (150 kcal), mainly due to their fat contents