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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Protein Energy Malnutrition and Susceptibility to Viral Infections as Zika and Influenza Viruses

Osman AH

Infection and malnutrition have constantly been intricately related. Malnutrition is the primary motive of immunodeficiency worldwide, and we're getting to know more and more about the pathogenesis of this interaction. Malnutrition is the main cause of immunodeficiency international, with infants, children, youth, and the aged most affected. There is a strong courting between malnutrition, contamination and mortality, due to the fact bad nutrients leading to kids underweight, weakened, and susceptible to infections, mainly considering that of epithelial integrity and irritation. The most consistent changes in immune competence in protein energy malnutrition are in cellmediated immunity, the bactericidal function of neutrophils, the complement system, the secretory immunoglobins A, and antibody response. This direct relationship between malnutrition and immunodeficiency reflected on susceptibility to infection by influenza and Zika viruses.