Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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ISSN: 2155-9600



Pilot-Scale Production and Application of Microparticulated Plant Proteins

Milos Beran, Josef Drahorad, Ondrej Vltavsky, Marian Urban, Iva Laknerova, Martin Fronek, Jiri Sova, Jakub Ondracek, Lucie Ondrackova, Martina Kralova and Slavka Formankova

New Carbon Dioxide Assisted Spray Nebulisation Drying (CASND) technology has been used to produce microparticulated protein concentrates for human nutrition from alternative plant sources - hemp and canola seed filtration cakes. Alkali extraction was used to extract the proteins from the filtration cakes. The protein solutions after the alkali extractions were dried with the CASND demonstrator ATOMIZER. Aerosol particle size distribution and concentration in the draying chamber were determined by two different on-line aerosol spectrometers SMPS (Scaning Mobility Particle Sizer) and APS (Aerodynamic Particle Sizer). The protein powders were in form of hollow spheres with average particle diameter about 600 nm. The particles were characterized by the SEM method. The functional properties of the microparticulated protein concentrates were compared with the same protein concentrates dried by the convenctional spray drying process. The protein microparticulatin resulted in improved foaming and emulsifying properties and formation of long-term stable water dispersions. Gluten-free baguettes were prepared with the microparticulated protein concentrates as only protein source and evaluated by sensory analysis.