Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Physicochemical Properties of Starch from a Cereal-Based Fermented Food (Tarhana)

Senay Simsek, Maribel Ovando Martinez, Orhan Daglioglu, Kadir G Guner and Umit Gecgel

Tarhana is a traditional fermented food product in Turkey. There is limited research on starch characteristics of tarhana. In this study, starch properties of various home-made tarhana samples have been investigated. Starch content ranged from 59.64 to 69.95 and there were significant (P<0.05) differences in starch damage (3.78-10.84%). The starch pasting and gelatinization of the tarhana samples also showed significant (P<0.05) differences. Estimated glycemic indexes ranged from 86.16 to 102.54 and are all considered high glycemic index. Amylose content of the tarhana also showed significant (P<0.05) variation (20.70-29.03%). There were significant (P<0.05) differences in the molecular mass of the tarhana starch. The molecular mass of the high molecular weight amylopectin ranged from 2-15 million daltons and the amylose ranged from 300 thousand to 2.4 million daltons. Overall, there were significant (P<0.05) differences in chemical composition and starch characteristics of tarhana samples.