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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Nutritional Status, Dietary Practices and Physical Activities among Female Adolescents: A Cross Sectional Study in District Okara, Pakistan

Nazish Afzal, Azmat Ullah Khan, Muhammad Aamir Iqbal and Sajid khan Tahir

Adolescence is a period between childhood and adulthood and is important period of human growth cycle. During this significant period dietary pattern have important impact on lifetime nutritional status and health. The prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents has increased at an alarming rate in many parts of the world.

The present study was designed to assess the nutritional status, physical activity pattern and dietary Practices among female adolescents in district Okara, Pakistan.

A cross sectional study was designed among female adolescents of secondary school. There were 449 students from government schools and 401 were from private schools.

Overall private school girls were significantly (p<0.005) taller and heavier than government school girls. Most of the private school students have sedentary lifestyle. Most of the students spend more time on screen than recommended. There was no significant difference in mean BMI of both the schools. There was significant result (p<0.005) of the dietary pattern of both the schools private school adolescents were having greater consumption of fast food than government school due to urbanization and due to socioeconomic differences.

Most of the Pakistani adolescent girls do not perform physical activities adequately and have sedentary lifestyle. They spend most of their time on watching TV, using internet and other computer based activities. They also have unhealthy eating pattern. So there is need of implementing some interventions to promote physical activities and healthy eating pattern.