Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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“Eating Disorders among MBA Students in a Business School of Karachi”

Atif Mahmood and Zehrah Bibi

Eating Disorders are crucial and multifaceted distressing and substantial habits distinguished by critical disruptions in eating attitudes. If not treated, eating disorders result in physical problems, psychiatric illnesses and possible mortality. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the two renowned eating disorders around the world. Eating disorders are prevalent in both the genders and all the age groups with females and younger age group more prone towards the development of the disease. Prognosis and treatment of these disorders is critical. A descriptive cross sectional study was designed to evaluate the MBA students in a business school for eating disorders using EAT-26 and SCOFF questionnaires. Data was collected from 150 MBA students during university timings using the non-probability convenient sampling. Written informed consent was obtained from each and every participant and confidentiality and anonymity of data was ensured. SPSS-17 was used for statistical analysis. It was found that out of 150 students, 35 (23.33%) and 16 (10.67%) were at high risk to suffer from eating disorders on EAT-26 and SCOFF scales respectively. Moreover females (41.77%) and younger (31.58%) age group were found to be more vulnerable to eating disorders. It has been concluded that a considerable number of students are susceptible to development of eating disorders, females being more vulnerable than males. It has also been suggested that strategies should be planned to avert incidence of such ailments among students.