Haemodialysis Membranes: A Review | Abstract
Journal of Membrane Science & Technology

Journal of Membrane Science & Technology
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Haemodialysis Membranes: A Review

Muhammad Awais Khan* and Arshad Hussain

In the hemodialysis process, the blood of patients suffering from severe renal diseases is treated by removal of uraemic products, while at the same time retaining the blood protein molecules with the help of a semipermeable membrane. The membrane is the backbone of separation in hemodialysis. In this review a brief history; in which comparison of different haemodialysers and the membranes used previously is given. The modern synthetic membranes and the modifications that these membranes underwent using different techniques for obtaining better biocompatibility and fluxes have also been reviewed. The current membranes that are used in the process of hemodialysis are hollow fibers. The fabrication of these hollow fiber membrane and the parameters which affect their morphology and performance are discussed. Finally, the future prospects of membranes which can give us acceptable separation and improved hemocompatibility are highlighted.

Published Date: 2019-06-13; Received Date: 2019-05-20