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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Functional Dietary Cereal Bar Based an Amazon Fruits

Myrian Abecassis Faber and Lucia Kiyoko Ozaki Yuyama

The cereal bar has arisen from the need to have a product that would bring together practicality and nutritional quality. The goal is to employ cupuaçu (the obroma grandiflorum) lightcereal grains making use of the byproduct ofacai palm (Euterpe oleracea Mart) and sucralose for the preparation of a cereal bar that can add value to fibers and proteins to the nutrition of various sections of the population. Physical and chemical, microbiological and microscopy analyses have been executed in the fruit pulp of cupuaçu and in roasted and ground acai seeds. The samples comply with the ANVISA requirements regarding microscopic and microbiological analyses. The final formulation of functional cereal bars had 5.06% of protein and a high content of 7.41% total dietary fiber, 30 mg/100 g of Vitamin A and 33 mg/100 g of Vitamin C and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, manganese, and the less energy value than similar products found in the market. Data, which have been found, have made us to believe that we have developed a functional Amazon dietary cereal bar.