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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Development of Probiotic Carrot Juice

Shafiya Rafiq, Vasudha Sharma, Ambreena Nazir, Rafia Rashid, Sofi SA, Fiza Nazir and Gulzar Ahmad Nayik

The aim of this research was to provide a non-dairy probiotic drink to attend people that cannot eat dairy products due to lactose intolerance, dietary preferences such as vegetarians, or other health issues. While looking for alternative carrier for probiotics, the suitability of carrot juice for the production of probiotic food with L. acidophillus, L. plantarium, L. casei and Bifidum longum was investigated. Proximate composition of probiotic juice showed increase in level of protein content and reduction in level of carbohydrates than the fresh carrot juice. Response surface methodology (RSM) was employed to analyze the effect of independent variables (temperature and pH) on response variables (biomass and cell viability). The statistical analysis revealed that the optimum pH for probiotic carrot juice production was 6 and optimum fermentation temperature 30°C. During the study of growth kinetics, gradual change in pH, acidity and sugar concentration was observed which indicates the growth of probiotics and production of lactic acid by them. The results suggest that fermented carrot juice can serve as a suitable media for the growth of probiotics.