Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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ISSN: 2155-9600


Beliefs and Concerns about Dairy Products in the Swiss Older Adult Population

Magali Chollet, Doreen Gille, Patrizia Piccinali, Ueli Buetikofer, Alexandra Schmid, Helena Stoffers and Barbara Walther

Various studies have shown that the public is aware of the importance of milk and milk products in human nutrition. Even so, older adults still do not consume the recommended amount of dairy products. This study aimed to evaluate the knowledge of older adults (50-81 years) about the nutritional value of dairy products as well as their beliefs about these products. The most common concerns about milk and dairy products were added sugar (60%), cheese substitute (55%), and artificial aroma (55%). A majority of respondents rated milk as a good supplier of calcium, believed that consumption of dairy products improves bone health in older age, and also believed that it is better to drink milk than to consume calcium supplements. On the other hand, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin D content were often overestimated. The majority of older adults also stated that milk contains a lot of fat and believed that consumption of full-fat dairy products increases body weight and adversely affects cholesterol level.