Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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ISSN: 2329-888X


ACE-Inhibitory Activity of Cheddar Cheeses Made with Adjunct Cultures at Different Stages of Ripening

Aparna Gupta, Bimlesh Mann, Rajesh Kumar and Ram Bhagat Sangwan

In this study, cheddar cheeses made with adjunct cultures L. casei ssp. casei 300 (CCA) and L. paracasei ssp paracasei 22 (CCB) were assessed for ACE inhibitory activity at different stages of ripening. ACE-inhibitory activity of the UF permeates of WSE of all the cheeses increased significantly (P<0.05), especially after the first two months of ripening. The inhibitory activity continued to increase in the cheeses made with adjunct cultures CCA (IC50 value 0.16 and CCB (IC50 value 0.20 up to third month and in CCC increased to this level after fourth month of ripening (IC50 value 0.20 The electrophoretic and RP-HPLC profiles indicated that the rate of degradation of proteins resulted in formation of smaller peptides which were higher in cheese made with adjunct cultures as compared to control cheese The result also indicated that cheeses with the addition of adjunct had higher ACE-inhibitory activity than control cheese.