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A Dietary Supplement in Combination with an Education Plan and a Long- Term Follow-up Significantly Decrease Blood Pressure, Body Weight and Body Fat

Grethe S Birketvedt, Carl Fredrik Schou and Erling Thom

A 55 year old obese hypertensive woman with a body fat content of 53.7%, and a BMI of 46.9 kg/m2 was seeking medical treatment at an outpatient obesity clinic in Oslo, Norway. Additionally, she suffered from borderline type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and did not desire bariatric surgery as a treatment for her morbid obesity. Being obese for most of her adult life, over the past decades she unsuccessfully tried a wide variety of over-the-counter diets that might have been in vogue at the time. After she was examined and diagnosed at the clinic, she was advised to follow a three-pronged treatment program consisting of education, close follow-up, and a dietary supplement. After 24 months of treatment with life style changes, she had lost 43 kg and the fat content in the body was reduced by 25.6%, down to 28.1%. In conclusion, the patient successfully returned to a normal body fat percentage for her age and gender with a normal blood pressure and no irregular blood sugar readings which was the goal of the treatment paradigm. In conclusion, a natural dietary supplement in combination with an education plan and a long-term followup can successfully be used to decrease weight and fat mass and decrease cardiovascular risk factors.