International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology

International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology
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Jacob Nota M.S.

Jacob Nota M.S.
Jacob Nota M.S. Binghamton Anxiety Clinic Department of Psychology Binghamton University USA
Binghamton University


Jacob Nota received his BA in psychology from Skidmore College and his MS in clinical psychology from Binghamton University. He is currently working with his mentor, Dr. Meredith Coles, to complete his PhD at Binghamton University. His research has included a number of studies on environmental factors related to the etiology and maintenance of obsessive-compulsive symptoms and other psychological factors associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has also studied the relation between bioregulatory systems (i.e., sleep, arousal, and circadian rhythms) and heightened anxiety. Based on his research and academic performance he has received several awards and honors, including faculty commendations of excellence, scholarships, and travel grants. Jacob is serving as an ad hoc reviewer for several reputed journals, including Translational Issues in Psychological Science and International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology. At this early point in his career, he has authored 4 research articles and given a number of presentations at professional conferences. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association of Graduate Students, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and the Association for Psychological Science.