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Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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Strain Improvement Open Access Journals

Strain improvement is aTechnology of manipulating and improving microbial strains in order to enhancemetabolic capabilities. The directed improvement of productformation or cellular properties through modifications of specific biochemicalpathways or by introduction of new pathways using recombinant DNA technology

strain improvement. Micro-organisms can convert various carbon sources from side and waste streams into valuable chemicals, biopolymers and biofuels. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research optimises conversion into the desired end product by developing specific micro-organisms and cultivation conditions.

Purpose of Strain Improvement  Increase the productivities  Regulating the activity of the enzymes  Increasing the permeability To change un used co-Metabolites  Introducing new genetic properties into the organism by Recombinant DNA technology / Genetic engineering.


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