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Medical & Surgical Urology
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Tetiana Zaichuk

Tetiana Zaichuk

Tetiana Zaichuk, PhD
Department of Urology, Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University, USA


Dr Zaichuk obtained her PhD from Engelgardt Institute of Molecular Biology National Academy of Sciences in Moscow She received her postdoctoral training at the Institut Andre Lwoff and at the Centre d’Etude Nucleares both funded through the Association for Cancer Research and the Foundation for Medical Research France Further training was received in the Department of Urology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine Prior to obtaining her current position in the Department of Urology Dr Zaichuk held an Instructor position in the Department of Molecular Biology at The University of Illinois Chicago and acted as Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at NorthwesternDr Zaichuk’s areas of expertise include tumor suppressor genes angiogenesis and tissuespecific regulation of gene expression Her current research project focuses on understanding the host response to interactions with uropathogenic E coli

Research Interest

Tumor suppressor genes, with focus on p53. Angiogenesis and its role in cancer: signal transduction pathways involved in endothelial cell survival and apoptosis; analysis of the transcriptional network and chromatin remodeling behind the angiogenic switch.Tissue-specific gene expression and regulation. Analysis of protein-protein interactions during pathogen invasion.