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    Hypothesis for How Hyperoxic Therapy May Facilitate Effective Biologic ???Correction??? of Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Author(s): Peterson RE and Allen MW*

    The existence of morphological and physiological abnormalities in the autism brain was recognized in the 1960s. Today, in view of many such extensive pathological findings, it has been stated and reiterated that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has a biological rather than a psychological basis. Despite this, other than pharmacologic agents that address limited aspects of symptoms, development of therapies for ASD has been focused primarily on psychosocial measures based on principles of applied behavioral analysis. With this latter approach, however, a generally accepted intervention or group of interventions which consistently and comprehensively address the needs of most individuals with autism in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner has not yet been established. While examining reports of another medical intervention, hyperbaric oxygen therapy with in.. Read More»

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