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    An ICU Preanesthesia Evaluation Form Reduces Missing Preoperative Key Information
    Author(s): Katherine Chuy, Zhe Yan, Lee Fleisher and Renyu LiuKatherine Chuy, Zhe Yan, Lee Fleisher and Renyu Liu

    Background: A comprehensive preoperative evaluation is critical for providing anesthetic care for patients from the intensive care unit (ICU). There has been no preoperative evaluation form specific for ICU patients that allows for a rapid and focused evaluation by anesthesia providers, including junior residents. In this study, a specific preoperative form was designed for ICU patients and evaluated to allow residents to perform the most relevant and important preoperative evaluations efficiently. Methods: The following steps were utilized for developing the preoperative evaluation form: 1) designed a new preoperative form specific for ICU patients; 2) had the form reviewed by attending physicians and residents, followed by multiple revisions; 3) conducted test releases and revisions; 4) released the final version and conducted a survey; 5) compared data collection from new ICU form .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6148.1000242

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