Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy

Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy
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Yusuke Nakamura

Yusuke Nakamura

Yusuke Nakamura Professor Department of Surgery The University of Chicago USA


Yusuke Nakamura was born on December 8th, 1952. He graduated from Osaka University Medical School in March 1977. In 1977 May he got the Medical Doctors License in Japan. In 1984 August he did Ph. D. in molecular genetics from Osaka University for a thesis entitled: "Sequences of cDNAs for human salivary and pancreatic alpha-amylases"

Research Interest

Yusuke Nakamura research interest lies in the human genetics and cancer research. He is one of the pioneers in applying genetic variations (VNTR and SNP markers) as well as genomics in medical science in the world.

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