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Articles published in Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy has got h-index 11, which means every article in Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy has got 11 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

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43 44 64 43 36
Journal total citations count 437
Journal impact factor 1.58
Journal 5 years impact factor 3.08
Journal cite score 3.74
Journal h-index 11
Journal h-index since 2019 9
Important citations (368)

structural interpretation of aeromagnetic data for the wadi el natrun area, northwestern desert, egypt

hydrological subsurface investigation using geophysical electrical and magnetic methods in and around valliyar river basin, india

geo-investigation on groundwater control in some parts of ogun state using data from shuttle radar topography mission and vertical electrical soundings

major tectonic lineaments influencing the oilfields of the zagros fold-thrust belt, sw iran: insights from integration of surface and subsurface data

gravity and magnetic processing and inversion over the mahallat geothermal system using open source resources in python

a statistically coherent robust multidimensional classification scheme for water.

Development and comparison of machine learning models for water multidimensional classification

estimation of some trace metal pollutants in river atuwara southwestern nigeria and spatio-temporal human health risks assessment.

growth, duplication and lateral mutual compressive deformation of akouemma hemisphaeria on the seafloor of okondja basin at 2.2 ga (gabon)

Kiptool, a general purpose processing tool for neutron imaging data

hydrogeological potential estimation of ngoua watershed, west cameroon, using petrography, shuttle radar topography mission (srtm), and geophysical data

simulation of channel dynamics of the padma river considering seasonal variations: a gis and statistical approach

predicting spatiotemporal changes of channel morphology in the reach of teesta river, bangladesh using gis and arima modeling

ubiad1 plays an essential role in the survival of pancreatic acinar cells.

prophylactic administration of silybin ameliorates l-arginine-induced acute pancreatitis.

assessment of perfluorooctanoic acid toxicity in pancreatic cells

cilostazol protects against cyclophosphamide-induced ovarian toxicity in female rats: role of camp and ho-1.

possible mechanisms mediating the protective effect of cilostazol in l-arginine induced acute pancreatitis in rats: role of cgmp, camp, and ho-1.

interrelation of inflammation and oxidative stress in liver cirrhosis.

antioxidant effect of ukrain versus n-acetylcysteine against acute biliary pancreatitis in an experimental rat model