Journal of Clinical Toxicology

Journal of Clinical Toxicology
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Yuka Shirakawa

Yuka Shirakawa

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan

Dr.Yuka Shirakawa works for Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan. He has contributed his work on Peer-Social Network Development Revealed by the Brain Multivariate Correlation Map with 10 Monoamines and 11 Behaviors and Multivariate PCA Analysis Combined with Ward?s Clustering for Verification of Psychological Characterization in Visually and Acoustically Social Contexts in the Journal of Clinical Toxicology and A cross-species socio-emotional behaviour development revealed by a multivariate analysis in the Scientific Reports.
Research Interest

Monoamine, Catecholamine, Serotonin, Social disability,Emotion, Memory, Developmental psychiatry

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