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Very Coulic

Very Coulic

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    A New Feed Back For Monitoring Insulin Therapy? (First Experimental and Clinical Tests)
    Author(s): Very Coulic, Novikov Valery and Devriendt JacquesVery Coulic, Novikov Valery and Devriendt Jacques

    The treatment of glucose metabolism disorders in critically ill or in diabetic patients remains sometimes arduous because the serum glucose concentration does not reflect in real time the tissues metabolic situation. We hypothesized that the difference Dt between core (Tc) and subcutaneous (Ts) temperatures of the body can reflect the tissues energy balance (which glucose metabolism ensures for 70%) and hence be used to monitor glucose metabolism. A device – ADD-CIT - was elaborated and patented. It includes a thin rectal catheter with two temperature captors at a distance of 4.5 cm, a temperature analyser, a computer which commands an insulin pump according to an algorithm linked with the recorded evolution of Dt values. The results of its first tests are presented here. The device technical liability was tested in thermostat according to standard methods. The feasibili.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7092.S5-005

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